Zen Chic Inspired - A Guide for the Modern Quilter

Who says that quilt books can’t be both jaw-droppingly gorgeous and packed with game-changing content to boot? For years I’d had a vision for a different sort of quilt pattern book. One that brings together the mood of a room with the modern aesthetic of a stunning quilt. One that would walk my readers, step-by-step through the process of finding ideas, getting the perfect color palette and create one-of-a-kind quilts.

With Zen Chic Inspired, published in 2017, the modern quilter gets not only 12 gorgeous quilt ideas to follow along and make their own version. This book gives you exactly the tools I use to find ideas and create a unique quilt, especially created for its place to live. 

A talisman
for designing breath-taking quilts that become the focal point of your room

Rebecca Weise

If modern is your thing,and you want to know how to create quilts that will add decorative interest to your home, then this book is for you. Its aim is to help you derive colours and patterns from a given environment and to use it to create the perfect quilt Following the ideas in the book will help hone your own creative process,and as a bonus,there are 12 patterns included, suitable for different skill levels.

At the beginning of each project there is a photo of a room and a colour palette taken from it, so that you can start to see how the colours work together. The quilts have a distinctive graphic simplicity about them, although some are quite technical. If you are looking to expand your sklils, then you will enjoy this challenge.
— DownUnderQuilts Magazine, Australia

Use the unique colors and décor elements in your favorite room to inspire quilts that will be right at home with the guidance of Zen Chic Inspired.
— Modern Quilts Unlimited Magazine

In the introduction to Zen Chic Inspired, Brigitte asks if we’ve ever bought a collection of fabrics and trimmings (having seen them grouped together in a quilt shop looking quite stunning in all their complementary glory) only to bring them home and feel a little deflated? Er, that’ll be a yes from me. ‘The answer’ she explains ‘is that the magic in the store did not originate only from the patterns of fabrics but rather from the harmony of the entire display’ and once brought home ‘it lands in a different context’. Not to worry though, Brigitte goes on to explain that the situation also works in reverse and you can assess the colors and features of a given room and work out which fabrics to choose to harmonize with them when preparing to make a quilt. Harmony is essentially what this book is about. It’s about walking into a room and feeling comfortable because of all the elements working together to create calm and balance. Because this is Brigitte Heitland, one of Moda’s most popular designers, you can rest assured that all the quilts in this book are stylish and modern. What comes as a bonus is that Brigitte also draws upon her background in interior design to give useful tips on color, shapes and style. She suggests, for example, taking a photograph of a room and then pixelating the image so that the colors stand out. In this way, choosing quilt fabrics to tie in becomes easier. This book is largely aimed towards the beginner and intermediate but there are a couple of advanced projects including my favorite On the Ball quilt with intersecting lines, based on a ball of yarn. I like this book. It’s well thought out and nice to look at. A bit like Brigitte’s designs.
— Popular Patchwork Magazine, UK

One-of-a-kind book, linking home design and quilts in a modern, minimalist look.
Twelve quilts are carefully explained with many tips and some unexpected settings. Most of them are easy to make and close-ups show us the very nice quiltings.
A must-have for modern quilters!
— Katell Renon, Amazon review

Gorgeous book, I love Brigitte’s style! The instructions are clear and informative and I particularly love the closeups for the quilting. The book also has a useful and informative section about color use.
— Thomas Jackman, Amazon review

Every once in a while, if I am lucky, a quilt/design book comes along so immensely beautiful, insightful, informative and inspirational, that it prevents me from articulating what it’s about without diminishing its richness, splendor and value. Brigitte Heitland’s Zen Chic Inspired: A Guide to Modern Quilt Design is perhaps the most important quilt design book I now possess that explains and demonstrates how a quilt can be designed and placed in a room to not only enhance the space, but highlight the quilt itself. The clear instructions, examples, tips and techniques provide me the tools I need to create the most stunning quilts to capitalize on the spaces within my modern home. This book is not your run-of-the-mill quilt pattern book; it is a talisman for designing breath-taking quilts that become the focal point of your room and for teaching you how to derive colors and patterns from your space to inform the quilt’s design. Don’t hesitate, buy this book! It is a worthy investment!
— Rebecca Weise, Amazon review

Wow! This is a beautiful collection of modern quilts. Along with the projects being absolutely gorgeous this book includes a great section on how to pixelate a photo to get a breakdown of colors to work with so you can coordinate your quilt with your decor. Along with great directions and tips there are also full size patterns in the back. If you like modern style quilts and working with letters I bet you will love this book as much as I do
— Stephanie G., Amazon review

Create the ideal color palette

Take a picture of the quilts destination, your room, and derive the ideal color palette from this source. Zen Chic Inspired gives you tools and hints how to create your perfect color scheme.

Clear step-by-step-instructions

Clear step-by-step-instructions


Find new design elements everywhere

With an open eye you will see little things like lamps, a stool, books in a shelf, which inspire you for design elements of a quilt layout. The book with its twelve examples shows you, how I found mine.

All skill levels - from beginner to advanced

All skill levels - from beginner to advanced